What is the Bellaire Community Pathways Plan?

The Pathways Plan process consisted of a data collection and analysis stage, followed by concept development (plan exhibits) and ultimately the production of a draft report documenting the process and conclusions. One of the primary goals of the process was to develop a sense of what the general public desires through surveys, a public meeting and coordination with key stakeholders and local agencies. Plans have been drafted for review and input and can be found in the exhibits section of this website.

History and Overview

The City of Bellaire is creating a Community Pathways Plan with the goal of improving bicycle and pedestrian travel throughout the City. This Plan will help to create safe and more convenient access within neighborhoods and between destinations. Several leaders have paved the way for this effort over many years and the effort continues with this Plan. 

In the past, the City of Bellaire has strived to create better pedestrian and bicycle travel starting back in 1976. At that time the Bellaire Bicycle Advisory Committee created a final report which provided goals and objectives, recommendations and provided results of a public survey. According to the report organized interest in bicycle safety actually began in August of 1972. A local group of citizens and volunteers known as the Bellaire Bicycle Safety Committee promoted methods of safer bicycling for about two years. This group accomplished the following tasks and efforts:

  • ‍Raised awareness of the need for improved bicycle travel
  • Implemented local school education programs
  • Started city-wide registration and licensing
  • Promoted the Bicycle Olympics skills contest
  • Completed a city-wide survey (1,954 returns)
  • Planned paths and implementation of key pathways such as Newcastle Trail, Bellaire Blvd., and bicycle lanes on Rice and Chimney Rock
  • Funding for bikeways
  • Research and library acquisition of bikeway design, planning and development

Following this timeframe, a new City Manager initiated the Community Development Department and a City Planner was hired soon after. Outside consultants were hired and more detailed planning was underway which has continued for many years. 

Residents made their voices heard through surveys in 1999 and 2013 that pedestrian and bike trails/paths are a top need and priority. Through bond programs and City focused efforts, improvements to sidewalks and the creation of pathways such as Newcastle Trail have become a reality. The purpose of this 2018 Pathways Plan is to propel the effort forward to achieve a more comprehensive, highly-utilized and connected pathway system for generations to come.

Important Dates

Note: Dates are preliminary and are subject to change.   

Survey Open – November 1, 2017 until December 17, 2017 - The survey is now closed.

Public Meeting – January 23, 2018 – Located in the CenterPoint Room, (above Bellaire pool) from 6-8pm. Thank you to those that were able to join the discussion!

Draft Plan and Public Report for Review – February 21, 2018 (View PDF)

Anticipated Receipt of all comments to Draft Plan – March 9, 2018

Updated Community Pathways Plan – June 15, 2018 (View PDF)

Presentation of updated plan to Parks and Recreation Advisory Board – June 20, 2018

Presentation of updated plan to Planning and Zoning Commission – July 12, 2018

Presentation to City Council – July 16, 2018

Estimated Project Completion – August 2018

Get Involved

The City of Bellaire would like your input on the Pathways Plan project.
You can get involved by reviewing the plan, exhibits, and community meeting presentation.
Provide your comments, if any, using the form below.

Public Meeting

Thank you to those that were able to join the discussion during the public information meeting on January 23rd, 2018.
The presentation is available below.

View the Presentation

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